How are Muhlack acoustic images fixed to the wall?

Quite simply hang from screw hooks fitted into wall dowels. There are suitable dowels and screw hooks both for solid walls (masonry, concrete) and also for lightweight construction walls (plasterboard, Fermacell).

In what formats can Muhlack acoustic images be manufactured?

In principle, there are very few restrictions on format. However, in order to avoid elaborate installation work at the mounting location, the format should be selected according to the access routes. If a size is selected which allows transport through entrances, stairwells, and landings at the installation location, then this is logistically the most advantageous, and is also generally the cheapest option.

Is it also possible to use one's own images?

Yes, many of our customers use their own designs. And the inclusion of company logos, etc. presents us with no problems.

How can the Muhlack acoustic image be cleaned?

The Muhlack acoustic image can be cleaned simply by wiping with a damp cloth. Household cleaning agent (non-scouring) can be added.

Is it also possible to scan in artwork?

Yes, we also offer this service. However, we must make it clear that no copyright clauses may be infringed.

Is it possible to modify images, change colours, etc.?

Yes, designs can be modified, e.g. printed in black/white instead of colour. Colour modifications such as sepia (antique effect) are easily possible.

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